New Logo

October 30, 2020


Press release

New logo for the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame

The CMHoF was established in 2006 and has a logo with laurel leaves signifying victory, two wheels, an engine, the Canadian flag and the checkered flag (in gold and white).

The names Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame and Motorcycle Hall of Fame are inscribed in the logo.

The Muse Marketing agency had done a study on the initial logo and had given its opinion. According to them, the connection between the wheels and the bike was not obvious. The names were written in too small print.

Mission was entrusted to Dean De St Croix to realize a new logo.

Here's the result. A new identity with a real motorcycle and all the elements of the old one: The bay leaves, the Canadian flag, the checkered flag.

To give more space to names, the French name. The “Temple de la Renommée de la Moto du Canada” becomes the “Panthéon Canadien de la Moto”.

Paul Germain, chair,  informs us that “The induction banquet which was to take place in November has been postponed for a year, hoping that everything will be back to normal. "

CMHoF is now ready to continue its mission of preserving and promoting the history of Canadian motorcycling, as a not-for-profit association recognized as a charitable organization. 

Francois Cominardi


Contact : Vada Seeds, Directrice Général