March 3, 2022

The 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame will take place as follows:

Date: Friday, March 18, 2022

Location:  Zoom Teleconference

Time: 3:00 pm EDT

Business to be conducted at the meeting is as follows:

  • Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
  • Report of the Board of Directors to the Members
  • Report of the Treasurer to the Members and tabling of the Financial Statements for the previous fiscal year.
  • Election of the new Board of Directors for the coming year
  • Approval of the external auditor
  • Any special business or presentations by the Board of Directors

Election of a new Board of Directors will take place at the Annual General Meeting.   Members interested in serving should submit a Nomination notice to the Secretary.  Directors must be or become Individual Members and must maintain such membership throughout their tenure.  All Honoured Members who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame are automatically non-voting members for life and invited to serve as Directors. 

Candidates for the position of Director must be individuals, 18 years of age, with power under law to contract, and have a professional or recreational affiliation with the Canadian motorcycling community.  Nominations can be sent by email to  

PLEASE CONFIRM BY RETURN EMAIL YOUR INTENTION TO ATTEND THE AGM.  Zoom invitations and materials will be forwarded to those who confirm.