2018 Banquet Schedule

Hall of Fame Inductee Banquet Schedule - Class of 2018 at Delta Burnaby Hotel

Friday, November 16th

1:00pm             AGM, Veranda/Portico Room, 3rd floor            

3:00pm             Board of Directors Meeting, Veranda/Portico

Saturday, November 17th                    

9:00am – 1pm      Set up displays            

1:30pm                  Registration opens

2:00pm                  Reception/Photos; inductees, sponsors, patrons, Board, Venezia/Firenze – 2nd floor

3:00pm                  Reunion and Reception - Bar opens, Grand Villa Foyer

5:45pm                  Call for Dinner

                 Inductees and patrons/escorts gather outside room

6:00pm                   Introduction and Inductee promenade, stand in front of stage until all have entered         

Oh Canada, Introductions & Bar & Hedy Award Presentation

6:30pm                   Dinner – Grand Villa Ballroom

7:45pm                   Evening ceremony begins                                               

10:30pm                 Silent auction ends