Robert Ramsay - Class of 2023

Perfect Fit for MMIC

Bob Ramsay is from South Western Ontario. Born into a large family, his excitement was riding around the village on the back of a BSA.  As one of nine children, the family didn’t have much money so he saved up and bought his first motorcycle, a 175 Honda, at the ripe old age of 16. From an early age, motorcycling soon became his passion as well as livelihood for most of his life.

After university, Bob worked for a Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister for the next four and a half years. When the MMIC was looking for a specialist in government relations and advocacy in 1984. The position was a perfect fit for Bob.

Over the years, they established the Open Road Motorcycle Insurance Programme when stand alone motorcycle insurance was extremely difficult to find in many provinces. Within a few years, it became one of the largest motorcycle insurance programmes in Canada by offering more reasonable group insurance rates.

To promote motorcycling across Canada, they expanded their motorcycle shows from three to seven a year. The shows generate over one-half million dollars in advertising and attract approximately 175,000 attendees.

When backlogs for motorcycle training and licensing occurred, MMIC set up its own programme to ensure new motorcyclists did not have long waits. The programme was so successful they incorporated the Rider Training Institute now known as RTI.

In order to strengthen advocacy on behalf of motorcycling and motorcyclists, the MMIC helped organize and provided funding for the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada. As a rider led organization, MCC has helped heighten awareness and understanding of motorcycling and motorcycle issues at the National, Provincial and Municipal level across Canada.

In 2005, the MMIC and COHV established funding of over five hundred thousand dollars per year to support and grow off-road riding. Provincial federations submitted projects for consideration and as a result the sport has become much more organized and has grown significantly. MMIC was the original supporter of and advocate for the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Bob is pleased that he played a part in bringing it to fruition.

In December, 2021, he retired after leading the MMIC, COHV and Power Sports Services as President for 34 years through some very challenging, sometimes frustrating, always interesting but ultimately an entirely rewarding and enjoyable ride!

MMIC, COHV and PSS are now known as Moto Canada