Musée de la police de Montréal - Bar & Hedy Hodgson Award Recipient

Over 100 Years of Police Motorcycling History

This museum gives great recognition to the motorcycle and tells the history of the police in the city from 1843 to the present day.

We learn that the first motorcycle squad of the Montreal Police Department was created in 1918 and the 23 motorcycle constables were dressed in the same uniform as the police officers assigned to the cavalry. They rode Harley-Davidson Model J motorcycles.

By 1921, each police station of the SPVM had two motorcycles with a sidecar and a double seat on the motorcycle, which could carry three officers. Assigned to traffic, they could also respond to urgent requests from the station. Police cars were equipped with police radios in 1932. It wasn't until the 1960s that Montreal police motorcycles were equipped with them.

In the 1930s, the squad consisted of approximately 44 motorcycle officers, two sergeants and a lieutenant. Indian motorcycles were also used at that time. In the 1955's, police officers did not wear helmets and motorcycles were not equipped with windshields. In the 60's, the motorcycle policemen were equipped with leather aviator helmets with goggles, also aviators. The first protective helmets appeared in 1962, with the coat of arms of the city of Montreal.

To patrol in a three-wheeled 750cc Harley-Davidson Servi-car, a three-week training course was required. These vehicles were equipped with a siren on the fender, but did not have a radio. There were 10 in all in 1962. In the years 1965/66, the Harley-Davidsons are Electra-Glide. Electric starters and police radios were introduced.

In 1965, the SPVM was also equipped with 185 cc Vespa scooters. They were used at the 1967 Montreal World Fair. Later, they were assigned to traffic officers and eventually by patrol officers in some of Montreal's parks, including Angrignon Park and the Botanical Gardens.

In the early 1970s, the police were also equipped with Honda CB750 motorcycles (police specifications). The shield, hard saddlebags and the police radio body were painted blue, and the rest of the motorcycle was painted white.

In 1976, Harley-Davidson loaned the SPCUM about 50 motorcycles for the Summer Olympics in Montreal. A 2018 commemorative calendar features many photos and information about motorcycle officers.